Psalm 2 | Poetry

The people of the world, they gather and plot
Against the King of their world and they plan to revolt
But little do they see, the freedom that they so desperately seek
Is not found in the rebellious, but instead in the meek

And so begins their dark downward spiral, as they mischievously scoff
And the God of this world prepares His frightening wrath
He says “I have installed my King on Zion, on My holy hill”
And you can enjoy your rebellion, but you’ll one day be still

As I send My Son Jesus, my Anointed One
He’s coming to judge and there’s no where to run
Regardless of how you treat Him, He’s already the King
So stop for a second and start listening

You people of earth, be warned and be wise
Serve the Lord with fear and stop believing your lies
For believing in Jesus will free you from your sin
Blessed are all who take refuge in Him