Rhymes | Gravity, Wind and Drowning

Uncontrollably attracted by
Pulls me straight down
All the way to the ground

And you can’t even escape it
Nope, don’t even try
Affects your life daily
But can’t be seen by eye

It’s the force that attracts
Each mass to another
The one that’s more weighty
Is the one that pulls the other

And you might not even like it
You might say that it traps you
But hey you’re gonna need it
Cause without it there’s no O2

That’s what’s next, that’s what’s up
And it pushes you around
Whether you like it or not

You can feel it as it flows by
Can see it as birds fly
It’ll push you if it wants
Without having to try

If it builds up really hard
And turns into a  hurricane
Better get away fast
Or you’ll regret you came

You’ll see it from a distance
No chance to defy it
Before the storm comes there is…

That’s what’s next in the order
It’s the H 2 and O
That’s chemical water

It’ll be all around
And totally surround ya
It’ll be overwhelming
So ya can’t get far

Dictate your every action
And every little movement
Can you hold your breath?
And just dance with it?

Cause whether you like it
Or whether you don’t
It’ll sway you side to side
Back and forth you’ll be thrown

Now I’m not sure if you realised
This was all intentional
I want to say a message
In a way that’s unconventional

Gravity, Wind and Drowning
Were the three
Words that I chose
To speak about me

Gravity is how I feel
As I look above
Uncontrollably attracted
To God’s love

Wind is what happens
As I look at sin
I get pushed around
And life gets real dim

Drowning is the reality
Of God’s grace
It surrounds and consumes me
Never fail to amaze

Hope you saw a little
Of how I see life
Uncontrollably in love
With my God, Jesus Christ



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