Rain | Spoken Word

Today it rained…
It actually poured
As the drops hit the roof
It sounded like applause

And it caught my attention
As I left the bus door
Silently I watched
As if it was an encore

Fascinating really
That water rains from above
But then hits the ground
Journey stopped abrupt

I walked back inside
So the sound did die
But as I close my eyes
It’s like the song’s reprise

Down on my bed
As I begin to lie
Just like a lullaby
Given and supplied

That it soothes my thoughts
My fast life, it caught
Reflection it brings
And brings my heart to sing

Of how this rain
Reminds me of Him
Who soothes my soul
And with me, does stroll

He’s like the rain
When I use an umbrella
Instead of embracing Him
I rush straight through the weather

So right now and here
In this very endeavor
I’m gonna stop and sing
To my God forever

That every single thing
That this world does offer
From the sun to the moon
And the cloud storms that loom

Has a reflection of God
Because He made it all
So stop and listen
Just relax and pause

To hear the rain
As it pitters and patters
Because it’s telling you
Of the One who matters


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