God is Love | Spoken Word

This is love: not that we loved God,
But that He loved us and sent His Son down
As an atoning sacrifice for our sins.
Read 1 John Chapter 4, Verse 10

Yo cause that’s where I’m gonna start
Couldn’t find a more fitting place for our hearts
Grounded in scripture was always the key
And the Spirit opening our blind eyes here to see

So how bout I break down this verse
Love here isn’t fluffy, it’s actually pretty perverse
Even though you might not expect it, love is found in death
Cause Jesus came down and gave His very last breath

It wasn’t nice, happy or pleasant to see
Life left him like the words leave the emcee
If love had an image it would be in Jesus Christ
Hanging on the cross as He gave His very life

See it’s because we have this thing called sin
Which means we aren’t close to God we actually reject Him
And because God is just, there’s an equal punishment
For the wages of sin is death in eternal torment

So you and me we need to pay what is due
Our own deaths to die for our biggest issue
And see this is where the beauty really kicks in
Jesus took our death, and our life really begins

Now think about this, God IS love
It’s not simply He does the very act of love
But the very fact that He Himself IS love
His very core nature is perfect love

That means He doesn’t relent, He doesn’t actually stop
He keeps going on and on, for His daughters and sons
And even when you don’t really treat Him right
He still cares for you, yo isn’t that tight?

Yo sing with me!  Isn’t that tight?
Yo sing with me! Isn’t that tight?
The person we have in God, He loves us right
Come on sing to Him and set your hearts alight

Now… if you’re actually loved by God
Then you can actually go out there and go love someone
But don’t forget that perfect love is found in God
So the best way to love, is to share the Gospel

Is cause … then they can come and know God
They can live in God, and God in them
The perfect love.  The love we all need.
God is love.

So what y’all doing here?  Go out there and go love someone.
Go share that good news.  Go show them perfect love.
God is love.


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