Psalm 3 | Spoken Word

I hear the cries, screams and the calls
Of those who hate me, and of those who hate You
They say that You will not stand by me
That You will not deliver, but I just cannot agree

Because You my God are a shield around me
You bestow glory on me and lift up my head
You see all of my pains, and you hear all of my cries
You comfort me greatly as I lay down on my side

And as I fall down in a heap, dried tears displayed on my cheeks
You watch over me, never ceasing to sleep
And if I do awake, if I see another sunrise
It’s only because another day You do choose to supply

So I will not fear, the tens of thousands against
The ones who are wicked, the ones who resent
For one day the Lord will come and deliver
Swift justice to the wicked and bless us with the Giver

So while David could not see
The fulfillment of his plea
I stand here on this side of the cross
Knowing that the Gospel means loss

So seeing David be pursued
Persecuted in servitude
Does not surprise me
But brings me to gratitude

Because the cry of David
Was for justice to reign
And I know now in Jesus
That, that promise still remains

Cause Jesus will come back
He will have His way
The wicked will be punished
And His people, He will save


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