“For What You’re Worth” Dance

I had the absolute pleasure of choreographing this piece for the RICE Rally event this year! If you know me as a dancer, you know I’m not someone who choreographs, but this piece shows what I believe as a Christian and I’m so glad that I was able to let two of my worlds in dance and faith collide!

I pray and hope that you guys would enjoy watching this. It’s Christmas time and the reason for the season is that Jesus came as a man and through believing in His death and resurrection we can be brought back into a right relationship with God. How do you know your worth? “You know how much you’re worth by how much someone is willing to give up for you.” Jesus gave up EVERYTHING for YOU. In Jesus you are worth SO MUCH, so trust in Him this Christmas my beautiful friends smile emoticon

Thank you so much RICE for giving me the opportunity to combine my faith and dance each year at RICE Rally, as well as now working alongside you as an intern.

Enjoy the video!

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