Blue Skies

Blue Skies

We sometimes wish for these clear blue skies
That in our lives we wouldn’t have to compromise
That it’d be smooth sailing, an easy pace
Instead of every day trapped in societies rat race

Oh to rest our bones, our weary souls
We prefer instead to just be at home alone
Or perhaps with good company, over a meal
Laughing with friends, and just keeping it real

But instead here you are just reading this rhyme
And you might be feeling it, perhaps all of the time
That you’re losing your joy, emotions sucked out
Wondering exactly just how to make it all right

And myself the writer, I’m feeling it too
Overloaded and busy, I’m just trying to get through
Each and every day, of every single week
The timer keeps ticking, and the skies are looking bleak

So here I am today, trying to share with you something
That God taught me in my last few weeks
I hope it’ll be helpful, and put your minds to rest
So please hear me out, put my words to the test

I realized we move really, really fast and we don’t seem to stop
Unless it’s in our bed, and our bodies just drop
And the problem with that, is that we stop being thankful
We don’t count our blessings, from our work to our platefuls

And if you don’t actually realize, how very blessed you are
That you have this world, your life, and even God in Jesus Christ
Then you won’t actually be thankful and you won’t see God move
That each day there are miracles, because you’re just way too removed

So if you actually stop and see that God’s actually working
You know you can be patient and trust in what He’s actually been promising
Which is that one day He’ll come back and take His people with Him
Perfect rest, blue skies and joy to the brim


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