Story Time – My Christmas Day

I was really looking forward to Christmas this year. Going to church, hanging with my friends, singing Christmas carols, eating ridiculous amounts of food and all that jazz. However today was a bit different than what I had hoped. There was definitely things that made me happy today, but there were also things that made me sad.

On Christmas day today, my nose decided that it would like to be a waterfall. It started pouring out fast, and it doesn’t seem to stop. It’s running as if it were partaking in an Olympic 100m Sprint. My nose also likes making loud noises, blowing like a ship’s fog horn as it embraces tissue after tissue. Or perhaps scaring the children around me as I sneeze at volumes far too high for the prayer that’s happening in my beloved church halls. My nose like me, is a bit crazy, really loud, often annoying and has a great imagination.

You might say that I’m a little sad, perhaps even overly dramatic about my fever and cold that’s developing right now as I type this out however… But there were also some things today that made me happy, even if my nose controlled face wouldn’t allow that to show too well.

My church for Christmas Service also has lunch afterwards, however there was a problem… actually a few problems… I was meant to buy a ticket for lunch last week on Sunday but I aptly forgot and they aren’t selling them anymore today. Also today even if I was allowed to buy them, I actually didn’t have any cash on me to buy it with I also really wanted to have lunch earlier than everyone else, since my nose had forced me to leave my church service way before completion.

With these things in mind, I talked to the church lunch organizer and said… “Hey I’m a bit of a scrub and I forgot to buy a lunch ticket last Sunday…” to which she quickly replied, “No worries! You can buy one now!” to which I quickly notified her that I had no money, and almost instantly she said “All good! I buy for you!” To which I said “Can I also have it NOW?” and she was again, “No worries!” And just like that I got church lunch, with no ticket, with no money, and way earlier than everyone else. And of course just like every Asian, anything free makes me happy!

And as I went home with my plans of hanging out with friends, singing, playing music, eating ridiculous amounts of food all being canceled by my rather demanding nose it reminded me of something. It reminded me of the simple nature of gifts. That they’re undeserved. That they’re free. That they’re given irrespective of the relationship between the giver and the receiver.

I didn’t order and buy a lunch ticket when I was supposed to. So my lunch was undeserved. I didn’t pay a single thing because of my ignorance. So my lunch was free. I didn’t ask in a particularly nice or polite way. So the receiving of my lunch wasn’t based on me having a particularly special relationship with the lunch organizer. You might call this grace.

And this is the same with the Christmas story. Christmas celebrates Jesus’ birth into this world some 2000 years ago. That the real gift of Christmas is actually found in the person of Jesus. For the Bible talks of us as people who have chosen to reject God and therefore have sin which leads to the punishment of death. Jesus dies the death that we deserve and takes away our sin and so brings us back into right and perfect relationship with God.

Jesus brings us true peace between us and God for we were enemies of God.
Jesus brings us true family because in Jesus we are now God’s children.
Jesus brings us true satisfaction because His name is Emmanuel which means “God with us.”

And even more than that, the Christmas Story of Jesus is so wonderful because He is a gift. Jesus is not something that we deserved. Jesus is not something that I could have bought. Jesus did not die for me because I had a good relationship with God beforehand. The Christmas message of Jesus dying for us and dealing with our sins to bring us into right relationship with God is truly beautiful because it is grace.

So even though I’m at home now, with my nose getting bigger and bigger, my temperature going higher and higher, my thoughts getting more and more delirious, my stacks of tissues used piling bigger and bigger there is still good. It highlighted my own undeservingness of the simple gift of lunch at church and this reminded me of my total undeservingness of the greatest and best gift of Christmas. Jesus Christ Himself.

So however you’re feeling today, I hope you might remember the greatest gift that is in the person of Jesus. That He is the ‪#‎reasonfortheseason‬. That you might accept Jesus and rejoice that in Him you have “Emmanuel.” “God with us.”

“For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on His shoulders.
And He will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah 9:6


“For What You’re Worth” Dance


I had the absolute pleasure of choreographing this piece for the RICE Rally event this year! If you know me as a dancer, you know I’m not someone who choreographs, but this piece shows what I believe as a Christian and I’m so glad that I was able to let two of my worlds in dance and faith collide!

I pray and hope that you guys would enjoy watching this. It’s Christmas time and the reason for the season is that Jesus came as a man and through believing in His death and resurrection we can be brought back into a right relationship with God. How do you know your worth? “You know how much you’re worth by how much someone is willing to give up for you.” Jesus gave up EVERYTHING for YOU. In Jesus you are worth SO MUCH, so trust in Him this Christmas my beautiful friends smile emoticon

Thank you so much RICE for giving me the opportunity to combine my faith and dance each year at RICE Rally, as well as now working alongside you as an intern.

Enjoy the video!

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Blue Skies

Blue Skies

We sometimes wish for these clear blue skies
That in our lives we wouldn’t have to compromise
That it’d be smooth sailing, an easy pace
Instead of every day trapped in societies rat race

Oh to rest our bones, our weary souls
We prefer instead to just be at home alone
Or perhaps with good company, over a meal
Laughing with friends, and just keeping it real

But instead here you are just reading this rhyme
And you might be feeling it, perhaps all of the time
That you’re losing your joy, emotions sucked out
Wondering exactly just how to make it all right

And myself the writer, I’m feeling it too
Overloaded and busy, I’m just trying to get through
Each and every day, of every single week
The timer keeps ticking, and the skies are looking bleak

So here I am today, trying to share with you something
That God taught me in my last few weeks
I hope it’ll be helpful, and put your minds to rest
So please hear me out, put my words to the test

I realized we move really, really fast and we don’t seem to stop
Unless it’s in our bed, and our bodies just drop
And the problem with that, is that we stop being thankful
We don’t count our blessings, from our work to our platefuls

And if you don’t actually realize, how very blessed you are
That you have this world, your life, and even God in Jesus Christ
Then you won’t actually be thankful and you won’t see God move
That each day there are miracles, because you’re just way too removed

So if you actually stop and see that God’s actually working
You know you can be patient and trust in what He’s actually been promising
Which is that one day He’ll come back and take His people with Him
Perfect rest, blue skies and joy to the brim

Sunset Reminders


As the sun goes down
Let the rhymes arise
As the last lights fade
Struggling to survive

Let the people of God
Look up to realize
That’s there’s something to learn
Up there in the skies

That as the sun begins to set
And the shadows grow long
Your life might feel the same
Everything is going wrong

That God our Light
Has gone and taken flight
Just don’t forget
Stars come out in the night

“Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9