Hey there what’s up, it’s the break of dawn
Imma rockin’ it out, studyin’ to perform
Seventy percent, 5 hours away
Hope I do okay, it’ll definitely make my day

So many things to study, so very little time
So it makes no sense that I’m droppin this rhyme
But hey if you could, you know just drop me a prayer
I’d be thankful cause it shows me you care


Hebrews 3

Hearts astray, God becomes dismayed
That His people would be offered grace
But in disobedience turn from His face

I don’t need Him they say
I actually know better
I choose to ignore
God’s written book love letter

We prefer to wander
Thirst through the desert
We enjoy where we are
Lost, hungry, sand and the dirt

The promised land’s not real
They’re too big and too scary
God just trying to trick us
Really on the contrary

You should just understand
That God won’t punish us
The Law’s just guidelines
It’s really isn’t actually a must

So in Gods anger
As He looked down on this
Israel, His chosen people
In their sin, they persist

He declared an oath in His anger
They shall never enter His rest
Sinful, disobedient
They just don’t give me their best

The story should end now
That they all should just burn
For after all they’re just getting what they deserve

But God had a plan
He would show the world mercy
Jesus would come down
Be who they never could be

A sinless man
Who could for us pay the price
For our punishment is death
So on the cross He gave His life

So my encouragement today
Do not be like the Israelites
Listen to the living God
And live you just might

Hebrews 2

When I see the heavens and the stars
The works of Your hands
As I read through Your scriptures
Prophets, Law and Commands

You fill me with wonder
You fill me with awe
That I have such a great God
For who I’m living for

See He was made a bit lower
Than the angels of the skies
Now raised up in glory
Defeated Satan and his lies

So by the grace of God
Jesus suffered through death
Bringing many sons to glory
He’s given us new breath

Jesus raised up on high
Seated on the throne in Heaven
He walks with me not ashamed
To call me brethren

So I will lift my voice
And I will sing His praises
Telling all the world
About the One who saved us