Sometimes I can’t find the words, dunno what to say
So I pray to Jesus that He’d come and He’d show me the way
How to glorify, and point to Him
To sacrifice, give my life and all that’s within

So I opened up the scriptures, Luke 9:23
Take up my cross daily and start following He
Cause all of my life, it doesn’t belong to me
I used to be blind, but now I’m beginning to see

That I was His enemy, dead because of my sin
Tick tock the clock goes, candle burning real dim
But God so loved the world that He gave His own Son
Eternity given freely by the sinless One

Therefore everything I am and everything I do
I get on my knees and I’ll bring it to You
Givin’ up the things of this Earth that I so eagerly cherish
For heavenly treasures that never will perish


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