Everything Lifehouse Skit

This song came up again on Lifehouse and I couldn’t help but remember this skit. The first time I watched it… I cried. Second time… I cried again. And again and again and again. When my life was hopeless with no future and no direction, lost in running after money, academics, friends, love, trying to replace things I had lost… family, security, identity, in everything. I kept running after them and they never satisfied me. They never fulfilled me. They always let me down and I always wanted more. Jesus rescued me from these things, He let me know my true purpose, and the realness of Him, of His love for me and of the relationship that He wanted with me that He was able to create because He had sent His perfect Son to take the punishment due for the sins that I had done. Jesus rescued me from the deepest and darkest hole of my life. Jesus satisfies me, gives me security in Him and my inheritance with Him, He told me who I am, a child of the almighty God, who is loved, cared for, pursued and and upheld by Him.

Rewatching it now does of course, bring me tears like always, and though my lacrimal glands overflow, my serotonin levels are so high, filled with joy and happiness that even now as a Christian I am upheld by Him. I am no angel. I am not perfect. I struggle with loving and caring for people I’m responsible for, friends, loved ones, family… I always run after worldly things, back to my old ways. But Jesus stands by me. He never leaves me. He never forsakes me. He loved me while I was His enemy. He loves me even when I betray Him and turn from Him. His love doesn’t change. No matter what I do, or how hard I run from Him, or how much I spit at Him. His love doesn’t change. That’s unconditional love. That’s grace.


Much Love
Bboy 3:16 – Blank Canvas Crew
Jesus, Dance, No Turning Back


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